Flower Count in Victoria in February, attractions in Victoria!


Looking for things to do in February in Victoria? Read this article on the Flower Count in Victoria in February!

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Check out Butchart gardens for your Flower count in Victoria

So if you live elsewhere in Canada in February you are shovelling snow and dealing with sub zero temps… Check out the Flower count in Victoria in February!

Furthermore for one week in February the citizens of Greater Victoria count all the blossoms they can see! Known as the Flower count in Victoria!

Book into #oasisatthefalls to experience Canada’s mildest climate. Take a well deserved break from the winter!

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Check the flower count in Victoria in February out at the following link: http://flowercount.com/

In addition, the Butchart Gardens has information on the Flower count in February in Victoria.

Click on this link to check them out: http://www.butchartgardens.com/ 

Watch this video on the flower count in Victoria in February:

While at The Oasis at the Falls, you can explore other attractions in Victoria.

Click on this link to access more:  https://condoinvictoriabc.com/attractions-in-victoria/

While the Flower Count in Victoria is an annual light-hearted promotion.  It is sponsored and organized by The Butchart Gardens and Tourism Victoria.

The goal is to bolster community pride and increase awareness of Greater Victoria as an attractive shoulder-season tourism destination. It brings national and international attention to the fact that Victoria (City of Gardens) has the mildest climate in Canada.

Hence the rest of Canada and much of the US is still in the cold clutches of winter weather.  Victoria often enjoys spring temperatures of 10-15° Celsius (up to 60° Fahrenheit).

Irises, try to see these when you are doing your Flower count in February!

Furthermore here is information on the Community Challenge. Each municipality across Greater Victoria is encouraged to take up the challenge to be the “Bloomingest Community” of the Greater Victoria area!

People reporting flower counts will have their number attributed to their community. Whether they live on the Saanich Peninsula or in Sooke, every flower counts, for their own community and for the overall total.

In addition UsedVictoria.com is working with Flower Count in Victoria. Come to Victoria in February to do the Flower Count in Victoria!

Start searching for the daily Flower Count Hidden Blooms on UsedVictoria.com.

How to Enter the Flower Count in Victoria:

  1. When you find a Hidden Bloom on the site Tweet the ad.
  2. Then you will be entered to WIN a daily prize.
  3. It’s easy to enter, just click the “Share” button in the top right hand corner of the UsedVictoria.com ad.
  4. Then select Twitter, then send your tweet.
  5. Each tweet qualifies you to be entered to WIN one daily prize from Tourism Victoria members!
  6. Your tweets must include the #FlowerCount hashtag and @UsedVictoria.
  7. The contest will runs for seven days.
  8. One prize per day to be awarded (7 prizes in total)

How Did The Flower Count in Victoria Start?

Moreover in the late 1960’s, members of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce started a promotion called “Victorian Days”.

Next in late February, they would visit cities such as Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg, handing out daffodils to the general public, radio stations and news rooms.

Meanwhile in 1976, the event expanded to involve Victoria residents and create a fun promotional story through the counting of February’s flowers. The Flower Count in Victoria was born!


Here is the Flower Count in Victoria 2017 Results

Total Count:  138,798,660

Count age: 2017 marked the 42nd annual Flower Count

First place ‘Bloomingest’ community: City of Colwood, four years running

Second place community: The City of Victoria

Winning school: Cordova Bay Elementary School